Problems of transition to a Green economy are discussed at M. Ryskulbekov KEU

Problems of transition to a Green economy are discussed at M. Ryskulbekov KEU 

         On  23 November 2018  Institute of International economics, business and tourism  of M. Ryskulbekov KEU  together with a consulting company  Capacity Building Consulting  Group (CBC-Group)   held  Interuniversity’s  student’s  scientific  and practical conference,  on  the topic “Challenges of  transition  to  a Green  economy in  the  context  of the globalization”. Participants  of            the  conference:

 Turusbekov B.S. - candidate of technical sciences, deputy of Zhogorku Kenesh, member of  “Bir bol” fraction;  

Orosbaeva K.J. - advisor of project  portfolio,  PAGE  national coordinator  of Sustainable economic  growth development UN programs;

Askarbekov B. -General manager of “Union consulting” LLC, Financial expert  in  Sustainable energy financing  programs  in KR (Kyr SEFF);

 Climate  Finance Center  representatives, teachers and students  of  8 Bishkek  universities: AUCA, KRSU named after  B.Yeltsin, BHU named after  K. Karasaev,  KNU named after  I. Arabaev , Kyrguz-Kazakh university, Ala-Too International university, International Academy of Management , Finance and Business Law,  M.Ryskylbekov  KEU.

      Representative of Zhogorku  Kenesh, deputy  Turusbekov  B.S, Climate  Finance Policy  specialist Asipzhanov  A.,and Communications  specialist  Ryskybekova  Ch. noted  that  the difficulties and new  challenges caused  by the ongoing global processes have  led to  an understanding  of  the  need  to  change the  economic  model  in  KG and the transition to  sustainable  development  through an integrated approach in  solving  the  ecology, economy and  the social sphere problems. They also emphasized the main areas of the  legislative body  and  the Government activities  for  the  transition of  the  Republic to a Green  economy, noting  its  role  as one  of the effective  mechanisms for the  implementation  of  them. 

      Business representatives and teachers,also general  manager of“UnionConsulting”LLC  Askarbekov  B.- candidate  of political sciences, docent  of AUCA  Temirkulov  A., senior  teacher  of  KEU  Seitova Ch. told about practical  steps and projects  that  are  being  implemented  in  the  country to  introduce  new   saving  technologies resources and offered  separate  models  of  a Green economy development. Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Tursunalieva  D.M took the floor with welcoming speech ,Vice Rector on  science and state languages Atyshov K.A. and Vice Rector on international  relations and projects Kadyraliev A.T.made speech about the projects implemented  in  the  field  of  Green economy.  

According to the  participants’ opinions about transition to  Green  economy, it’s necessary:

-  to  integrate  issues  into  strategic  documents  on  sustainable  development;

-  to develop and adjust  indicators  to  measure  the  Green  economy  and its growth ;

-  to revise taxes, loans, tariffs, subsidies  and other  instruments stimulating  transitions  to Green economy; 

- to create  favorable  conditions  for  the  introduction  of  low-waste, waste-free and  resource-saving  technologies, the development of new methods  in all sectors of the economy; 

-  to promote  the  development  of ‘green’ cities ,territories and regions;

-  to  create ’green’ workplaces, ’green’ routes;

-  to  stimulate  international  and  domestic  financing and  initiatives collaboration in Green economy;

-  to develop ‘green’ businesses;

-  to use ‘green’ technologies;

-  to promote ’green’ thinking culture; 

-  to raise awareness of the Green economy  among people  and businesses.


      The conference  was conducted  in 3 main  directions: Global experience in  the field  of Green  economy and its financing, formation  and development  of  Green economy in KG.  

Prizes  won: 

1 section :           the 1st degree diploma  - Suiunbaev  K., Gazbekov K. (KEU) 

 the  2d degree diploma – Abai Pamirov (International University Ala-Too) 

the  3d degree diploma  - Burenina Y. (KRSU) 

2 section :          the 1st degree diploma  - Donombaev I. (KEU) 

the  2d degree diploma  – Ashimzhan uulu S. (KEU) 

the  3d degree diploma  - Madmarova Sh. (KEU) 

3 section :          the 1st degree diploma  - Aidarova A. (KEU) 

the  2d degree diploma  – Zhusupov N. (KEU) 

the  3d degree diploma  - Anarkulova Zh., Nizambaeva A. (KEU) 


               According to the results  of  the  conference, a resolution has been adopted. It will form the basis for the development of educational  programs  and courses  in Green economics.  Certificates have been issued to all participants  and  9 students  were  awarded  by  diplomas  of  1,2,3 degrees  and  valuable  prizes.